Rules For Clan.

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Rules For Clan.

Post by *DanY* on Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:52 am

1.No Insulting Admin.
2.No Bug Abuse.
3.No Multi-Clans , Means you cannot join any other clan if you are in this clan.
4.If you are in-active from more than 15 days you will be kicked from clan without any warning.
5.No Kinds Of Hacks or Cheating [Such as Speed, Wall, HP, No-Recoil etc] if caught you will be kicked from the clan.
6.No Team Blocking, Team Flashing ,Team-mate killing ,Team Distraction and False Indicating if you did any of these ,then your in trouble.
7.No Multi-Accounting.
8.Ts3 is must for team voice conversation during WARS.
9.Only join the WAR if you are invited or you will get punished.
10.No Insulting other players if they are doing any thing wrong.

NOTE: The Rules Will Change Without Warnings So Stay Active And Be Safe.


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